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Handheld blacklights, also referred to as UV (or ultraviolet) lights, is basically an electromagnetic-radiating lamp that is only partially visible to the eye. Blacklights, mainly made from incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps or mercury vapor, are designed to let a certain amount of UV light to pass from it. Here, we bring you information and reviews on handheld blacklights, that can be a handy device for several household and other uses.

Blacklight uses

  • Blacklights are generally used for testing purposes. It reveals a lot of hidden information, such as cracks and stains, which may otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.
  • They can also be used to illuminate pictures which are painted with fluorescent colors.
  • They can also sometimes be used in educational institutions to aid children with certain learning difficulties.
  • Blacklights can be used for entertainment purposes too, as in a black light puppetry show and so on.
  • During the World War II, UV lighting was used to brighten the instrument panel in fighter planes, which became more convenient and safer than standard radium-painted instrument dials which were used in that time.
  • Now, blacklights are used to test gemstones and depression glass and also to ascertain the true age of ancient crafts, ivory and so on.
  • Blacklights are also used to identify fake official seals and ID cards, fake antiques from the real ones, as also repair pottery, carbon stains on metal and so on and so forth.
  • Many households use handheld blacklights to easily identify the existence of pests such as scorpions or bedbugs in their homes.

Handheld Black Lights

Portable handheld blacklight reviews

  • Chauvet 6” Handheld Blacklight

This Chauvet handheld blacklight is 6x5x2 inches and weighs 3lbs. It requires 4 size AA batteries, which is not included with the product.

Very reasonably priced, it also offers good quality and works well for a long period of time. Unlike some other LED UV light devices, the Chauvet offers users a classic bulb design which functions well with all types of fluorescent substrate.

The downside of this product is a small LED backlight on one end, which burns out all too soon. But this is only one little optional addition, so cannot be considered a major fault as such.

  • Uv 9 Led Blacklight

This product is most useful to locate pests around the house and also for gem and mineral detection.

Since this is very light, it effortlessly doubles up as a portable forensic product, helping security and law enforcement officers.

This handheld blacklight is only about three and half inches long and needs 3 AAA batteries.

Many users, though, have been rather dissatisfied with this product. While some feel that it can fluoresce only reflective white items, others feel that it highlights only some spots on the material, rather than the entire surface.

  • Streamlight 51010 Twin-Task 3C

This handheld blacklight is much more expensive than the other models, at almost $50. This Twin Task 3C-UV flashlight comes with six bright UV LEDs and a high-intensity xenon bulb, which gives the user three levels of light conditions. It requires 3 C-size alkaline batteries.

Its polycarbonate lens is unbreakable and waterproof and includes adjustable focus, plus a high-strength lanyard.

Though impressive looking, this handheld blacklight has not scored all that much with users, as it is too expensive for average customers.

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