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LCD TVs are in great demand today, as they are getting cheaper and also more advanced feature-wise. Here, we bring you a review of the best LCD TVs for the year 2011. This review is based on the device’s performance, durability, pricing, design and other features.

Samsung LN55C650

Samsung is known for their electronics, especially, LCD TVs. The Samsung LN55C650 is one of the best ever LCD TVs, with a great design and fantastic features. At just over 3” thick, this is one of the slimmest LCD TVs in the market today, as also one that consumes the lowest power. Around the edges of this TV is a curious red tint that lets it stand out obviously from the rest of the room where it is installed in. It also comes with a swivel stand in case you do not want to mount it on the wall.

Feature-wise, the Samsung LN55C650 comes with the Samsung Apps feature, similar to NetCast. This lets you connect to the Internet and watch any show of your choice, including sports, games, videos and so on. You can even participate in social networking groups online, via your TV. Since this TV supports Wi-Fi, you can enjoy wire-free Internet services and also connect it directly with your PC.

The picture quality of the Samsung LN55C650 is good, but may tend to seem slightly faded in full light, as is usually the case with LCD TVs. Still, you are assured of crystal-clear display quality most of the time.

The Samsung LN55C650 comes with 4 HDMI inputs, 2 USB ports and Ethernet port as well. The package comes with contact numbers of the support department, FAQs, manual and so on. You can even get into direct online chat with the company representative if you require.

LG 55LD650

The 55” LG 55LD650 is a pleasure to own and watch. Including a great design and many features, this is a must-have for LCD TV fans. Offering the option of swivel stand and wall mount, this LCD TV also gives you the facility of Internet Apps, which allows you to connect to the Internet.

The 3.8” screen gives you good picture and sound quality, suitable for a room of any size at all. The LG 55LD650 is capable of achieving full HD 1080p, so the resolution quality is nothing short of amazing. You can be assured of a great viewing experience no matter where you are seated in the room.

In case you want more sound for a bigger room, you could use an additional surround sound system. Thanks to the NetCast Entertainment Access feature, you can watch your faves like Nextflix, Vudu, Picasa or even YouTube, through Wi-Fi.

The LG 55LD650 comes with 4 HDMI inputs, 2 sets of component and composite video outputs, 2 USB ports, a PC input and also Ethernet port. This is the probably the most complete set of inputs you can ever hope to find in an LCD TV.

Support-wise, you have offline and online manuals and live help too. But sadly, there is no online FAQ section to tackle your immediate problems.


Sony Bravia KDL-55EX500

The Sony Bravia KDL-55EX500 is definitely not exactly top the competition, but is good enough with its features and design. This 4” deep TV is not a very high-end LCD TV either and the look is somewhat different from the rest of the bunch. Also, the Sony Bravia KDL-55EX500 does not offer Internet apps or similar other feature and is just meant for basic TV and movie watching, which would be suitable for users who are not comfy with using high-end LCD TVs.

While the picture quality is good, it does not offer too many adjustment options. However, this makes for good viewing and is ideal for a mid-size, well-lit room.

The Sony Bravia KDL-55EX500 offers only 2 HDMI ports, basic component inputs, a USB port and PC inputs. Support-wise, you can get all the help you ever wish from Sony. Your LCD TV purchase includes online manuals, FAQs and live online chat. The help and support feature is probably the best thing about this particular brand.


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