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Most of the television sets available today are flat panel TVs, which can either be placed on a stand or mounted on a wall. While those who have big houses can afford to place their TV sets on a table, most customers prefer to mount them on a wall, as they save a lot of space and also give the room an elegant look. In this article, we bring you information about the different kinds of mounts, with reviews on the best TV wall mounts for your home.

Tilting Wall Mount

A tilting wall mount lets you adjust the vertical viewing angle while installing your TV set. This type of TV wall mount has a pivot in the center of the installation bracket. So it becomes much like a tilting see-saw of sorts. This pivot enables the TV to give you an optimal viewing angle from anywhere in the room, irrespective of your position while watching television.

A tilting wall mount also makes it easier for you to change cables for various purposes. However, the scope for tilting your set is still limited as compared to a full-motion wall mount.

  • The OmniMount Universal Tilting Wall Mount

Available at just $34, the titling TV wall mount from OmniMount looks stylish and performs very well too. Offering a weight capacity of up to 175kgs, it is Universal compatible and comes with double-stud mounting and Lift n’ Lock system for trouble-free installation. This TV wall mount also offers a unique 2-in-1 functionality for many types of viewing angles.

The only problem with this mount is that it gives you limited scope to connect your wires and cables once the TV has been installed on the mount. Otherwise, this TV wall mount is good enough and works really well for the price.

Omni Tilting Mount

Full-Motion Wall Mount

As the name suggests, the full-motion TV wall mount offers you full support to move your TV in any angle that you wish. Of course, this facility also comes at a price. This type of TV wall mount is also the costliest of them all.

Full-motion TV wall mounts are also more complicated to install, because the mounting bracket has pieces and arms which need to constantly keep moving. Hence, assembling it all alone may not be possible for you alone. You will have to rope in 2-3 other people to help you with the task.

Once installed, you can adjust your TV at various angles and even swivel it on a horizontal axis, if you so wish.

  • Ematic Full-Motion LCD TV Wall Mount

Rather expensive at $84, this TV wall mount features a high quality aluminum alloy wall mount, especially manufactured for LCD TVs. This mount gives you an amazing 15-degree tilt and 180-degree swivel, that gives you the maximum control over your TV viewing angles.

The kit comes with a convenient cable hook, so that you can organize all your cables neatly. Also included is a cleaning kit, installation guide and hardware kit. The Security Lock feature deters thieves from flicking away your TV set. All packaging is completely recyclable, so that is an added plus.

The only real problem with this TV wall mount is its price.

Low-Profile Wall Mounts

Low-profile TV wall mounts are the easiest to handle and also the cheapest available in the market. This is about as easy as hanging up a picture frame on the wall. But the problem here is that you cannot at all adjust your TV once it is installed on your wall mount.

Once you fix your mount, the stand cannot be manipulated and so, you cannot make any changes to the cables and such. In case you need to make changes, you will first need to temporarily remove your TV off the stand.

  • Rocketfish Low-Profile Wall Mount

This TV wall mount is compatible with most 13” to 26” flat-panel TVs. Supplied alongwith are mounting brackets, hardware and an installation guide. This product mounts the TV about 1.9” away from the wall. The powdercoat finish gives this mount a sleek look. This wall mount can be installed without any trouble and offers solid support for your TV.

This TV wall mount is available at about $13 online.

Low Profile Wall Mount

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