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A DVD projector is a device that projects the data contained in your DVD, onto a big screen. This electronic device is of great use to all, especially to those who have children, as they can watch their favorite movies sitting right at home, without having to go to a theater, and yet get the theater feel. One other advantage of this device is that this is very portable and so, it can be set up with ease anywhere at all at home or outside. Here, we bring you reviews of some of the top DVD projectors.

  • The Epson MovieMate 62

The Epson MovieMate 62 is a powerful and very versatile DVD projector and music player, which gives you a stunning performance each time you use it. Sleek and stylish in design, it is also portable and comes with dual Dolby Digital stereo speakers to give you amazing sound quality as well.

To get started off with your DVD projector, you merely need to plug the set in, load it and just press the play button. With 2000 lumens light output, you get the clearest picture possible, even while viewing at night.

The automatic keystone feature of this player adjusts the picture while changing the angle of the projector. It also zooms the picture to the extent you want it, without in any way distorting its quality.

Thanks to the HDMI support, you can also connect your other devices to the DVD projector and even stream content off a media server.

The only problem with the Epson MovieMate 62 is that the on-screen menu feels crowded and does not feel very intuitive to the user. But then this is just a small hitch and of not much consequence.

The Epson MovieMate 62 is available at around $600.

Epson MovieMate 62

  • Optoma MovieTime DV10

The Optoma MovieTime DV10 is an all-in-one home theater with built-in DVD player and powerful speakers to match. Neat and appealing in design, this is also compact enough to port around and comes with great video processing as well.

The MovieTime DV10 uses a DLP chip with a native resolution that comes close to HD resolution. This enables the projector to work with HDTV input signals as well. Since it has a short throw lens, it can create a large image from close quarters. Of course, a longer zoom would have been more appreciated.

The other negative is that the buttons do not have very strong backlighting, so this can become difficult while viewing at night. Also, you have separate buttons for the projector and DVD player. Further, the set tends to get very warm while used for longer time.

The image and sound quality are the best features of this DVD projector. This makes for great movie viewing, giving the user a fantastically entertaining experience, all the way.

The downside of this device is its price, which is pretty steep at $1000. But considering that it is an all-in-one player, it is indeed worth that price.

  • Toshiba TDP-ET20

The Toshiba TDP-ET20 all-in-one DVD projector is a nice, slick device that is value for money. Priced at $1400, it is a little too expensive while compared with other similar devices. Yet, it does offer the user a great deal of advantages.

The set has an attractive and compact design and is very easy to carry around, set up and use. It can be set up very close to the screen, about 3-5 feet from it, and gives great picture and sound quality.

This device uses 1 DLP chip and offers 1100 lumens resolution. Further, the Toshiba TDP-ET20 has a built-in sub-woofer, which gives much-above-average audio quality. This makes it one of the smallest DVD projectors, yet one of the most powerful.

The only problem with this DVD projector seems to be its rather steep price, but it is definitely worth a look for those who do not really mind shelling out a wee bit extra for better quality.

Toshiba EDP-ET20

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