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Are you forever irritated at being woken up with that usual boring alarm every morning? Would you like to wake up in style, listening to some pleasing tone instead? Well, then, CD alarm clocks are just for people like you. There are many, many, CD alarm clock brands in the market today. In this post, we bring you reviews on the top three such products. Go through each one of them and find the one that best suits your needs.

Sony ICF-CD815 CD alarm clock

As the name suggests, the Sony ICF-CD815 is a CD player cum alarm radio clock. Features include CD-R/RWplayback, digital music player and extendable snooze with dual alarm. This sleek black set also offers AM/FM tuner. There are two wake-up times offered by this set, one for the alarm and one for the CD.

The Sony ICF-CD815 also supports integrated digital musical play via a 3.5mm jack. Would you like to keep sleeping just for those ten extra minutes? Well, this system also gives you extended snooze from 10 minutes, lasting up to a whole hour.

The 1.4: green LED clock display lets you choose among three settings, namely, High, Medium and Low. The top-loading CD player can play any music disc. The set also comes with built-in sleep timer and wake timer, which you can set according to your preference. The set is powered by a 120V AC power cable and the box includes line-in cable for digital music player connection too.


  • The set keeps good time and the CD player is conveniently top-loading
  • Audio and visual quality is good too

  • Bit too chunky and big
  • Needs a better FM tuner
  • There is no stereo tuner, which is a minus
  • Users cannot know which channel they have tuned onto

Sony ICF-CD815

Sony ICF-CD3iP CD clock radio for iPod/iPhone

The cute little ICF-CD3iP iPod alarm clock includes a CD player too and this is what may help sell this piece at $99.99. The round set is compact and about the size of a normal iPod dock. A circular ring surrounds the LCD display and contains four buttons for play/pause, off/alarm, radio band selection and reset. This ring opens up so that you can pop in your fave CD and enjoy the music.

Apart from that, the ICF-CD3iP iPod alarm clock gives you snooze and dual-alarm clock. The hidden iPod dock can be gently pushed out from the base of the right side. Sadly, the speakers lie behind the clock face. This ruins much of the sound clarity.

The best thing about the ICF-CD3iP is that many generations of the iPod and iPhone can be synced seamlessly with it. it is even iPhone 3G compatible.


  • Design is very good and compact
  • Large buttons are easy to use


  • Audio is muffled because of the speaker’s faulty placement at the back of the set.


Philips AJ3950 CD clock radio

The Philips AJ3950 has been around for a while now, but is still quite popular among buyers. This set offers some nice features that sets it on par with the latest arrivals. Its attractive silver design catches the eye. Though the clock is quite big, this factor also gives users better sound quality, which is almost as good as stereo sound.

The Philips AJ3950 includes a dual alarm clock that can either play the standard alarm, a radio station or a select CD track. Also, each alarm has a separate volume control, which is a definite plus. The alarm can be set to gradually increasing volume as well, so that you can be woken up gently from deep sleep.


  • Great design and good audio quality
  • Very dependable and solid


  • A wee bit on the heftier side

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    Lead Clocks are not very popular these days, i think they are mostly discontinued products;*;

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