Roku Vs TiVo – Which Is Better?


Roku and TiVo are two of the oldest on-demand TV and video viewing systems available in the market today. Here is an analysis of Roku vs TiVo, in an attempt to find out which of these systems might be better for you.


Roku, as most of you already know, is a tiny set-top box that enables Netflix subscribers to watch over 12,000 on-demand TV shows and films for free.
This service, as customers found out, is undoubtedly better than cable TV and the like, for the following reasons:

  1. The UI is easy to understand and use. Even a small child can master the workings of the device in no time at all.
  2. If you are a Netflix user, you get to access all shows for free. You could even sign up for a monthly plan from Netflix, which would give you the same benefit at a much cheaper cost.
  3. This service is also cheaper than iTunes, which costs much more to purchase TV episodes or movies as a package.
  4. The best thing here is that there are no commercials to interrupt the movie or TV show you are watching. So you can watch your fave TV show or movie without having to lose its trend every 15-20 minutes or so.
  5. Assigning parental controls to shows are easy. If you are uneasy about your children watching a particular show on a TV channel, you can easily block the same. Titles can be added from the master account on the computer, so they can be modified or queued at any time at all.

Downside of Roku

When Roku first came into the market, customers could avail only a limited selection of the latest films. But now, after their partnership with STARZ, much of this problem has been solved.

Of course, very new releases still take some time to appear on Roku and so, customers may have to go the DVD way, via their subscription to Netflix, to watch them earlier on.

This seems to be the only disadvantage of Roku so far.



TiVo, the first ever digital recorder, became very popular ever since its entry into the market. Here is why:

    1. Similar to the older VHS recorders, which can also record and playback movies and TV shows, this device offers one more advantage – the ability to store all the info on its own hard-drive, without the need for an external tape to record it.
    2. TiVo comes in three models, capable of recording for any of 20, 30 and 60 hours. This can be expanded up to 300 hours.
    3. While recording a program, users can also pause or rewind live programs, which is a big plus for them.
    4. You can also categorize your programs for easy search later. Not only that, you can also easily search for and view other similar programs in your preferred category or genre.
    5. Additionally, you can connect TiVo to your PC to download music and movies online.
    6. The Kidzone feature gives parents the ability to block shows that they do not want their children to watch.
    7. If you so desire, you can also purchase and download movies from of Blockbuster Video’s for an additional nominal cost.
    8. The TiVo Series 2 model can record two TV shows at the same time.

Downside of TiVo

There is only one tuner and hence, you cannot pause live TV while you are recording another channel. You can do so with the DirectTiVo option, though.
You also cannot expect high degree digital output from TiVo. That is another disadvantage of this device.

In conclusion, there is no clear winner in the Roku vs TiVo battle. Both have their ups and downs – it all really depends on what you are looking for, in your device.


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