Samsung 55-inch OLED Available on Sale for $9000 for Today


Samsung is going to launch a Curved OLED HDTV in the US markets and the cost of the device will be just $9000. Recently in a press release, in New York, Samsung provided a preliminary showing at the 55-inch KN55S9C HDTV model. Very soon the set will be shipped to the retailers.

Design of Curved OLED TV

In June Samsung had told that they are soon going to launch a Curved OLED HDTV in US and the design has got a curved shape which would envelope the viewers for having lifelike TV viewing experience. The TV screen and viewers are kept apart by the panel for giving an enhanced TV viewing experience.

Features of Samsung Curved OLED

Samsung Curved OLED has superior picture quality, realistic color, and ultimate contrast all delivering an excellent experience for home entertainment. The OLED TV set offers a MultiView feature by which two people at the same time can watch the two different things on the same set. Company is providing 3D active glasses along with the TV set. The gadget will also accompany inbuilt full stereo sound supporting personal speakers and two sources can be switched by touching the button.

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