Samsung OLED TV 55 inch Model Demonstrated at World’s Fair


If you are awed by plasma HDTV sets which give those lovely blacks but wants it to be sleek and more aesthetically pleasing, you have a winner the 55 inch ES9500 OLED TV from Samsung. Sweeping off you feet, as it will, it will cost you a fortune $8750. The OLED TV unveiled at the CES 2012 earlier this year was demonstrated at the Korean World’s Fair. The prices will not drop unless OLED is further commercialized.


The TV will have a dual core processor that controls the voice and gesture commands. The CPU module can be upgraded in the future by just swapping it with a new module. However, the landmark characteristic is not the intelligence but the high-end quality of the picture. The use of OLED ensures that there are superb blacks and a large contrast ratio tending to infinity- how exquisite!

Dual View

These OLED gadgets also have a ‘dual view’ feature that allows two videos to be watched at the same time! Put on the 3D glasses and watch your channel while your friend sitting next to you watches a different video with a separate audio channel. No more arguments about this gadget!

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