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The sharpest definition and slimmest TV’s are highly coveted in our society. With so many different electronic gadgets, many consumers want to combine their technology and be able to access their data from anywhere, not just on one device.  Computers and smart phones developers have already answered this demand by developing cloud services and other ways to sync information to all devices. Now Televisions are answering the call as well.

The new Samsung Smart TV’s are a godsend for those who desire a pencil thin combination of 3D TV, LCD High Definition, Facebook, Twitter, online videos, news, and numerous other internet options. There are limitless possibilities for the Samsung Smart TV’s; you can even play Texas Hold’em, look at Google Maps, and read the news from USA Today! Below is a short list of some of the amazing features for the new Smart TV’s:

  • 2D and 3D capabilities
  • Watch movies and TV shows free from the internet
  • Search movies similar to your tastes with Your Video
  • Download your favorite apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Hulu, Skype, ESPN, and tons more!
  • Surf the net with a web browser specially designed for your TV
  • listen to music
  • chat with your friends
  • Tons more!

Despite all of those cool features there are a few downsides to these nifty Smart TV’s. Since they are literally pencil thin when you transport or move it you need to be incredibly careful; rambunctious little kids may not prove to be so conducive to your new TV. One last downside is the hefty price tag this slim TV carries. The average price falls between $1,500-$2,000 making this TV a large investment for the average person.

Altogether this seems like an intense TV. The 3D alone makes it a must have and all of the other amazing features just add icing on the cake!

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