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This is a time when home security is an important aspect of our everyday lives. We are constantly hearing of housebreaks, burglaries and the like. There are also many senior citizens living alone either in apartments or independent houses. These people especially need additional safety in their homes. This is where telephone entry systems can come of great use to all of us.

Telephone entry systems help us know who has arrived at the door or even the main gate of the building. Depending on the information, we can grant or reject entry of that person into our living quarters. You can get telephone entry systems installed for office purposes as well. This way, automatic gate controls can be assigned as necessary.

Today, we bring you information on the top three telephone entry systems available in the market.

OmniCom Apartment Entry Systems

The OmniCom 64 telephone entry intercom systems are uniquely designed so as to cost lesser to the end user. The system has the ability to control 4 or more entry doors and a whopping 63 suites.

This can be effectively used for buildings under construction or remodelling or to upgrade the safety of existing buildings.

Each one of these telephone entry systems offers unparalleled security, as they can be operated simultaneously as an auto-dialer entry system.

This system can also be used to deliver door entry intercom from the residents’ existing telephone systems, while also letting them retain their existing telephone broadband connections, if any.

Residents can also choose from different classes of entry systems, depending upon their budget. Depending on the capacity required, several entry access panels are assigned in order to maintain security of the establishment.


DoorKing telephone entry systems

DoorKing, Inc., a leading manufacturer of security systems, brings to the user powerful gate security operators with fully automized protection. Durable and built to last over many years at a stretch, DoorKing’s gate security products can also be installed with great ease.

Further, in case a customer needs an upgrade or change of product, he simply has to approach the company to get it done in just a few days’ time.

You can choose from any of swing, slide and raised gates and you can get products ranging from 15 feet up to a 100 feet. The swing gates have automatic electronic limits to adjust the gate travel, so it does not need manual adjustments ever.

DoorKing also uses a fail-safe entrapment prevention system, so that no vehicle ever gets stuck inside them.

This company also includes residential door protection systems, such as telephone entry systems, keypad and card activated entry and more.

What is more, each of these products is rustproof and resists discoloration and wear and tear.

Entraguard Platinum telephone entry systems

This is the latest in Keri’s Entraguard telephone security systems. The Entraguard Platinum has a 5,000 tenant capacity, which is more than enough even for large establishments. Coming in two large font sizes, this can be adjustable by the visitor as per his or her preferences.

Also priced very reasonably, the unit is durable and designed to last. It is also weather resistant and comes with a tough stainless steel enclosure.

Customers can choose among many options, such as recess mount kit, hood, handset and so on. This unit can also be fitted with additional accessories for one or two door card access and can be programmed with three rotating display messages.

Each of these telephone entry systems also comes with two extra relay outputs that can be assigned to different other functions, such as unlocking an interior door and so on and can be programmed for tone command.

Entraguard Platinum

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