The Best HDTVs For Your Money For 2011


As you already are aware, the concept of HDTVs is so popular with the general masses today that there are several hundreds of HDTV brands to choose from today. While we could write posts and posts on the best HDTVs today, we will focus only on the ones that are the most value for your money. In this article, we bring you the best HDTVs for 2011, which are also well worth your money.

Samsung PN59D8000

If you are looking for really huge HDTVs, Samsung is your best bet. The entire Samsung PND8000 line of TVs looks drop dead gorgeous and brings great picture and audio quality. To date, the 59” TV is probably the best HDTV one can hope to own. Of course, all the other screen sizes too perform equally well.

The PN59D8000 is a brilliant, state-of-the-art 3D TV, which comes complete with two pairs of special 3D glasses, built-in WiFi and an impressive set of picture controls.

For the absolute tech-freaks out there, this HDTV also offers you Smart Hub Internet providing streaming services, a Web browser and dual-sided Bluetooth keyboard. You can also choose from a screen keyboard and QWERTY keyboard.

One problem with this HDTV, though, is its price, which is rather too steep at $2,697.00. Price-wise, the performance of this TV may not exactly come up to your expected standard. Some users find the Smart Hub interface rather too confusing to use.

But all said and done, if you consider this HDTV with the rest of the competition, it does have a good chance of standing out as the best HDTV for 2011.

Samsung PN59D8000

Panasonic TC-P55VT30

The Panasonic TC-P55VT30 is yet another HDTV that is total value for your money. Offering a stately design, it also gives the user amazing overall audio and picture quality, along with an almost unbelievable black-level performance.
Panasonic is virtually known for its TV sets and this one is no exception. This entire line of HDTVs is great, but we picked up this one, as it is one of the best large HDTVs in the market.

Again a 3D HDTV, this one comes with a pair of 3D glasses and WiFi dongle. The Internet suite that this TV offers is complete, content-rich and very easy to understand, setup and use.

Again, the problem with this TV is its pricing, which is very expensive, at $2,265. However, consider its sheer quality and performance; we think that this will feature in the top 3 HDTV for 2011.

Sony Bravia XBR-55HX929

The Sony Bravia line is undoubtedly the most popular and sought after among HDTV users today. The local-dimming XBR-55HX929 is particularly worth the mention, as it gives excellent overall picture and sound quality, as compared to any other HDTV in the market today. Offering rich color, shadow detail and an amazing array of video processing options, it can also handle 1080p/24 sources with the most minimal effort.

This very high-end and elegant-looking HDTV is super-slim and would look absolutely royal, while installed in any huge hall. Its impressive Internet suite comes with several convenient widgets and streaming services. This HDTV also has built-in WiFi.

This Sony HDTV, though, does not come with 3D glasses, which is a definite disadvantage. Besides, it is extremely expensive, at $3,799. Considering the rest of the competition, one tends to think that its performance could have been more at par.

Nevertheless, this HDTV is definitely one of the better LED-based LCD TVs in the market today and hence, falls in the top 3 HDTV slots for 2011.

Sony Bravia XBR-55HX929

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