The Cheapest Ever HDTVs You Can Find


Most of us have this undying ambition of being able to own an HDTV, but end up not even considering the issue, as we automatically assume that these devices would be far above the reach of our budget. Little do we realize that if we try hard enough, we could find surprisingly cheap HDTVs in the market, just waiting for us. Here is a nice list of the cheapest HDTVs.

20 Inches and Under

When you think of an HDTV, you tend to think of a king-sized TV. But that need not be the case always. The fact is that you do get HDTV 20 inches and under, which would be ideal for a constrained space area like a small room.

The sound and picture quality are good enough in spite of the small TV size and you can indeed enjoy all your TV and movies with this one.

The 15-inch Pyle PTC15LC LCD is one such model that comes under $250. The 20-inch VIZIO VX20L is also surprisingly good, in spite of the fact that it is not quite so famous. The audio, though, could do with a boost. A set of surround sound speakers could take care of the issue, if you so wish.

Under 30 Inches

The 22-inch Samsung LN22A450 gives great audio and video and is indeed value for money at a mere $360. The problem with this one is that it has only 3 inputs and so, you will have to unplug one if you want an extra input.


Under 40 Inches

The 32-inch Panasonic TC32LX85 is available at under $600 and is probably the best value for money you can ever get. The screen size of this HDTV is also the optimal range, where you have maximum picture clarity as well.

Yet another great 32-inch HDTV is VeiwSonic N3235W, which comes at under $500.

The 37-inch Sony Bravia L-Series KDL-37L4000 costs around $800. The picture quality may be muted for some, though many users also like the set for this very purpose, that it is not over-bright.

50 Inches and Under

The 42-inch Panasonic Viera TH-42PX80U costs around $900. This is pretty reasonable, considering it is one of the Viera series. This HDTV is just amazing, giving great sound and picture. You can also use it with a single remote as along with a Blu-ray player. This is indisputably the cheapest bargain you can ever get.

The 50-inch Panasonic Viera TH-50PX80U is also available for about $900, so you may as well go for this instead of the 42-inch model when the prices remain constant.

Under 60 Inches

The 56-inch Samsung HL56A650 costs a little over $1,000. Though this is only slightly more priced than the 50-inch Panasonic, people still prefer that one to the Samsung model. In any case, both are great HDTVs, so you could choose either.

Any HDTV above this 60-inch mark tends to be too expensive to afford. For example, a 70-inch Sony Bravia would cost you a whopping $19,000, which is way beyond an average person’s budget.

You will find many more brands and bargains of cheap HDTVs on both and We featured the above merely because they are the best quality HDTVs at the cheapest prices.

Browse online for more products and then make your final choice. Happy shopping!

Panasonic Viera TH-42PX80U

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