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A lot of us have this tendency to keep taking pictures, which keep piling up in albums and discs over time. While it is very rare that we look through these pictures, it keeps taking a lot of physical storage space. A portable digital photo album is hence the best answer to your photo storing problems. This helps you store all your photos in one place and view them when you want.

The portable digital photo album is a very tiny device, which can fit comfortably in your pocket. Most devices comes with a 7 to 8” display screen, SD card to store data and a good deal of battery life. These pictures can be downloaded directly from the SD card or digital camera and can be organized and customized according to the user’s preferences. Here, we bring you a review on the two most popular portable digital photo albums.

Digital Foci 8” portable digital photo album

This device looks much more like a book than a digital photo frame. Hence, it is also called the Digital Photo Book. On opening this “book”, you can see an 8” LCD panel with a set of controls to the right hand side. There are two slots with covers on them – one is for the SD card and the other, for the USB. The power port is at the bottom. Because this one opens like a book, there is no prop for it, which would have been very useful.

Though nice and compact, this set does take a little too long to boot and switch between albums. There are two picture themes you could use. Uploading a few MP3 music files into it will also let you listen to music while playing a photo slideshow. This device comes with 4GB internal storage and supports video playback as well.

Though not the first digital photo album, this one is indeed one of the best. It is available for about $189, which might be considered by some to be pretty steep.

Digital Foci

Albumteam A1BLBLFCUS2 Portable Digital Photo Album

The slim and sleek Albumteam A1BLBLFCUS2 Portable Digital Photo Album is one other very popular device in the market. It comes with a bright 7” TFT LCD high-resolution display, backlight, 4GB of internal memory and up to 20GB of external storage via SD card.

This device can play images either individually, as thumbnails or as a slideshow. The user navigation is simple, with only three basic buttons for controls. It also supports USB to PC sync, which makes it very easy to transfer pictures to and fro between the device and the computer.

Coming with a long enough battery life, the ALBUM is one of the best ways you can store and display your digital photographs. This also becomes one of the most popular must-have digital camera accessories for those seriously into photography. This device costs about $145, but is available cheaper on Websites such as Amazon.

Scroll below to view a video demo of this portable digital photo album.

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