Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Network DVR


DVR or Digital Video Recording is a device that digitally records TV and Video. This is does by compressing the video signal by means of a video encoder as employed in the one used for DVD movies. Network DVRs can be of many types, such as standalone devices to record to a built-in DVD drive or hard drive or both and a PC, Video Capture Card or TV that records digital information to the PC’s hard drive.

A network DVR is a handy piece of equipment that can be put to good use. But before purchasing this device, you should consider some aspects, which are as follows:

  • Your buget

Network DVRs have a wide price range of $100 up to $1000, depending on what kind of set you are looking for, and the features involved. Both ReplayTV and TiVO come at around $99, with an extra $13 monthly charge. The basic plan records up to 40 hours of programming, after which the pricing plans increase.

If you want a hard drive with a bigger capacity, you will have to pay more. Some models also come with built-in VCRs.

  • Features

Price also depends on the features you are looking for in your network DVR. Some users prefer to record TV shows, watch them and then delete them permanently. Yet other users would like to store the recordings on a DVD, in which case the device should also include a DVD Recorder.

  • Service providers

Most of the service providers offering Cable TV or Satellite TV levy a nominal service charge of under $20 per month. Sometimes, leased DVRs are also the property of the service provider. Such service comes to you at relatively low prices.

network dvr

  • Audio and video components

In case you own a Home Theater system, you should try and get yourself the best possible audio/video components to link your DVR to the Television. For instance, if your TV supports the surround sound feature, use digital optical or coaxial audio instead of the usual RCA audio.

Using the right audio/video component will give you a much better user experience in terms of better audio and picture clarity.

  • Device brand

Many users prefer to stick to one brand of electronics. While some prefer Panasonic, there are others swears who swear by Sony. While brand loyalty is good, it could also mean paying a very high price for the product.

Many non-branded network DVR sets perform equally well, so do some research on your options, find out from other people who own similar sets as to their functioning and then make your decision based on this information.


In conclusion, it can be quite dicey to choose the right DVD. But provided that you decide what features you are looking for and do some early research on your product, you should be able to find the right product to match your needs.

Consider all the points mentioned above before making your final decision on the network DVR of your choice. Happy shopping!

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