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Internet TV, also known as Internet Television, Catch-up TV or Online TV, is a television service which is distributed by means of the Internet. This service, though, is not the same as IPTV or Web Television. The concept of Internet TV has now become very popular the world over, for the various benefits it offers users.

There are two ways you can view Internet TV. They are by streaming the content directly to a media player or by downloading a chosen program to your PC. Most service providers offer different quality control formats so that their service can be viewed on many types of devices. For instance, some providers offer additional HD service along with their regular SD service.

Considering the huge market for on-demand Internet TV today, most of the major broadcasters the world over, operate an Internet TV platform. BBC is a good example of one such broadcaster.

Accessing an Internet TV service is pretty much straightforward. Using their Internet service provider, users merely have to enter their chosen website URL. They then have a short wait before their desired program starts streaming online. Once the buffering process begins, they can begin to enjoy high-quality programming online, sitting at their terminals.

Here, we bring you the top 5 Internet TV players you can use. Check out all your options before going in for one of them.

    1. Zattoo

The biggest advantage of Zattoo is its high picture quality, which can give you an amazing user experience. Zattoo focuses mostly on European channels though, and offers nearly 50 live Television channels. Of these, some channels are offered only in certain geographical locations.




This player feature over 100 hi-def TV shows, such as National Geographic, Punk’d, Super Cars, Comedy Central and so on. This service also includes channels in various categories, such as Entertainment, Comedy, Music, Sports, Lifestyle, Documentary and so on.


    1. Babelgum

Babelgum offers a convenient TV player, which is also easy to understand and use. But the disadvantage with this Internet TV player is that it does not provide the user with too many channels to choose from. The popularity of any Internet TV player highly hinges on the number of program services it offers its users. In that sense, Babelgum does not score much as compared to its other contenders in the market.

    1. VeohTV

VeohTV lets you watch and record Internet TV programs from hundreds of video sources, such as YouTube, MySpace, GoogleVideo and so on. Also, with VeohTV, you can watch some full-length episodes from traditional TV channels, such as CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC and so on. With this Internet TV player, you can also browse channels by category, search channels, record fave programs and even add channels to your Favorites list.

    1. Miro

Miro, which was formerly called Democracy Player, is very much apart from most other Internet TV players available in the market. Miro is an all-in-one player, which lets the user navigate through and subscribe to more than 1500 web shows, podcasts and so on. Miro, in addition, can also be used for various different purposes, such as Video downloader, video player, BitTorrent clients and so on. It is because it offers so much that Miro is probably one of the most popular Internet TV players today.


There are many more Internet TV players in the market today. You first have to decide what features you are looking for and do some asking around before you go for one of your choice.

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