Top 5 Portable DVD Players For 2010


Portable DVD players have become a common sight today. Not only do they work very well, but they are also mobile, which is an added convenience. In this post, we bring you the top five portable DVD players for 2010.

Sony DVP-FX930

With a smooth plastic encasing, the Sony DVP-FX930 comes in many colors. Weighing 2.7 pounds, this is also not lightweight. But it is flat enough and does not protrude at all. The brilliant 9” screen gives good quality video. Additionally, the set also includes an AV cable, car charger and solid 6-hour battery.

All the DVD controls are located at the bottom of the screen, which makes them very accessible. The swivel screen, which can do a 180 degree flip, gives the device a tablet look. This portable DVD player also offers a four-way directional pad for playback. Unfortunately, the new light-touch buttons are not worth going gaga over.

The FX930 comes with a rather large remote control expands on the playback options. The two IR sensors let the player respond to the lightest touch.

The ultimate disappointment, though, was that the Sony DVP-FX930 offers no support for playback of DivX and other digital video files.

Toshiba SDP93S

The SDP93S has a smart, sleek design with a smooth white plastic casing and a black frame surrounding the screen. This set weighs about 2.4 pounds, which is definitely not on the lighter end, but not too heavy either.

The Toshiba SDP93S has a large 9” screen display with an 800×480 pixel resolution and also comes with support for MP3, WMA and DivX playback and SD card slot for added memory. The screen can swivel around and fold back on the base of the device. The player options are neatly arranged across the bottom of the screen and the remote that comes with the packaging is nicely designed as well. The speaker quality, though, is okay – decent enough, but nothing to rave about.

All-in-all, the Toshiba SDP93S is quite nice, but definitely not-so-cutting-edge.

Toshiba SDP93S

Panasonic DVD LS83

The Panasonic DVD LS83 comes with a fold-down 8.5” wide-screen display and the ability to play DivX and MPEG4 videos and WMA and MP3 music files as well. Battery life is about 6 hours. Coming with black encasing, the DVD-LS83 weighs 2.5 pounds and so it is perfectly portable.

The screen can be adjusted to several vertical angles, but it cannot flip like some other devices do. Even the player options are not intuitively arranged, which means, you will have to go about hunting for them. But the screen brightness and size adjustment more than make up for these lapses.

The set comes with an AV cable, power cable and car charger. But we missed the remote control, which would have been most convenient.

Insignia NS-PDVD8

The Insignia NS-PDVD8 in an all-black rubberized encasing. The control buttons are completely flat and supposedly splash-resistant. The rubberized finish is a pain, as it feels sticky to the touch and also seems to attract external dirt.
This portable DVD player has an 8.5” wide-screen display that can swivels to 180 degrees and fold flat on top of the unit. The main control buttons are located below the screen.

However, we wished the Insignia also included a canvas carrying case which some recent brands are now offering. A remote is included in the set, but it is too big and does not control volume. That was indeed a huge disappointment.

Besides, picture quality of the Insignia NS-PDVD8 is below average and there are no extras such as USB port of SD card slot. It also does not include an iPod video accessory wire.

This one is good only for those looking for something really basic.

Panasonic DMP-B15K

The Panasonic DMP-BD15K is the first portable Blu-ray player, so that is special. But sadly, Blu-ray’s superior technology does not really reflect on its 8.9-inch screen.

The Panasonic DMP-B15K comes with a built-in stand and a strange screen which goes upside down when you first open out the unit. You have to twist it around, lay it flat and then prop it up. This can get a little frustrating for first-time viewers. Viewed straight on, this device looks very much like a digital photo frame. The included remote control is usable, but could be better designed.

The DMP-B15K gives the user more connectivity options than usual.The best thing about this portable DVD player is that it has the full suite of car accessories and an HDMI output that can make it a standalone player, too.

The downside of the DMP-B15K has a bulky design, just 2.5 hour battery-life and is very expensive too. It costs about $800, which is way above the reasonable limit. This is its biggest minus too.

Panasonic DMP-B15K

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