Top Wireless Projectors For The Year 2010


Granted that a projector comes of great use for office meetings, educational seminars and the like. But the most frustrating thing about them is the setting up part, getting all wires and cords connected, setting up the audio and video and so on. This gets even more complicated if you have a Mac. In this case, HDMI and DVI ports are absent, which makes the going even more difficult. But now, thanks to fast advancing technology, wireless projectors have entered the market, making business very easy for users. In this post, we bring to you the top wireless projectors for the year 2010.

OO High-Definition Wireless Projector

The new OO high-definition wireless projector, cleverly designed by David Riesenberg, makes use of a semi monocoque carbon fiber chassis. Supposedly capable of throwing a 1080p image fed into it thru WiFi or an internal SSD, this is one of the coolest-looking gadgets one has ever laid one’s eyes on.

Since it is wireless, you do not need to worry about how to go about connecting an HDMI cable to it. That is a huge plus, is it not? It also works on an internal battery, so has no need for an AC cord. The battery lasts up to 3 hours. The device has three built-in adjustable legs, which also control image manipulation. It comes with a touchscreen remote and can also work without the need for the remote. This gadget looks different too, somewhat like a cute yellow flying saucer with one eye.


DisplayLink from InFocus

InFocus has recently announced a device that would enable users to connect InFocus DisplayLink-enabled projectors to share hi-def content without having to use wires. This technology will soon be available for both Windows and Mac platforms, thereby encouraging its wide deployment in educational and many other industries, especially those where Mac platforms are very widely used.

InFocus will allow Mac users to transfer audio and video and also control the projector, all through a single wireless link, with only one USB adapter.

DisplayLink InFocus

Logic Wireless to announce world’s most powerful cell phone

Logic Wireless has announced that it will be displaying the world’s most powerful cell phone at the CES 2011. The Bolt V1.5 had a test market launch and proved to be more successful than its predecessor, the Bolt 1.0. The latest model, it was found, qualified to become the slimmest and most efficient projector phone to date. Now, this phone is expected to emerge as the next evolutionary step in wireless technology.

Alereon wireless projector showcased their wireless projector technology at the CES 2010. This is supposed to be perfect for schools and other education purposes. Check out the video below to get a visual feel of the device.

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