Toshiba launches the 3D TV that plays without special glasses


Toshiba launches the world’s first diagonal high TV without special glasses for viewing 3D images, according to a press release. 55YL2 model has a diagonal of 139 cm and allow more viewers to look at 3D images. The resolution is Quad Full HD, about four times greater than the standard HD.

To play 3D images, it transmits an image for the left eye and another, slightly different, for the right eye. They are stacked in the viewer’s brain to obtain 3D image. It is essential that the TV lens system to guide the eye of the beholder images correctly.

In addition, the Integral Imaging technology offers nine images with wide viewing angles, allowing more people to watch simultaneously (without glasses) three-dimensional images.

To learn about playing the right image, the TV detects before (at the request of the user’s remote) the position of the viewers faces.

Resolution is huge, even compared to HDTVs. We speak of 3.840 x 2.160 pixels. Apparently, why would you need such a resolution? However, only a few TV stations transmit HD and only on BluRay are found HD movies. Toshiba Resolution technology+ converts the SD or HD images received at a four times higher resolution than HD.

Other facilities:

The device offers access to Toshiba Places, an online platform that allows the transmission, purchase and share of web-based content.

iPhone users can control the TV from their mobile terminal, from the Toshiba Apps Connect. The TV can be customized for four different users.

In the case of films the screen settings are optimized to render the same colors and desired grayscale.

The device will be available in December 2011 in Germany and 2012 in other European countries.

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