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Everything is going mobile these days. There used to be a time when your basic computer used to be so huge, it used to occupy a full room. Now, with the advent of nano technology, all mobile computing gadgets are steadily shrinking in size. So, when the laptop was the ultimate thing till the last year, this is the year of tiny tablets and so on. Considering this trend, is there any reason to retain your old, unwieldy, printer-scanner? This is the age of mobile printer scanners. These devices are extremely portable and can be used just about anywhere. Here is useful information on mobile printer scanners.

Mobile printer scanners are few in number today. This is a preferred device among the younger generation of businessmen and executives, who would love to have a mobile office right at their fingertips. Of course, because of their small size and portability, these are also easy to carry around and work with, anywhere at all.

Here are 2 mobile printer scanner models that are particularly good for you.

Canon BJC-55

This bubble jet printer, available for $349, is just the mobile printer you need to take along on your business trip. Weighing only 2.1 pounds, this fits in snugly into your bag and transforms itself into an all-purpose color printer as and when you need it to. The best thing about the BJC-55 is that it does not need special paper to print.

There is yet another mobile printer model from Canon, the BJC-85, which costs $299. But it is also bulkier, a feature which makes it less attractive to the mobile customer.

Offering a print resolution of 720 by 360 dots per inch, this also prints at a decent speed. It is also very easy to setup with your other mobile devices such as a notebook or laptop. You can also purchase an optional Auto Sheet Feeder at $60, if you so wish.

Yet another useful accessory is Canon’s IS-12 color image scanning cartridge, which comes at an additional $99. This neat accessory transforms the BJC-55 into a complete mobile printer scanner.

Offering you a great deal of advantages, the Canon BJC-55 is definitely value for money.

mobile printer scanner

TravelScan Pro and PaperPort

This device is essentially a hardware/software combination from Ambir Technology, available at $129. This USB 1.1 scanner weighs merely 12 ounces and comes with scanning and doc management software from ScanSoft’s PaperPort.

Very useful for travel, this offers ease of setup and use. Some users may experience slight trouble with initial installation, but the problem will soon take care of itself. The speed of scanning and printing is not bad either.

This mobile printer-scanner device offers 300 dpi resolution, which gives decent enough image quality, though a wee bit darker than necessary. The software comes with convenient editing tools, which help you manipulate your picture or document with ease.

Small-built, extremely portable and also very reasonably priced, the TravelScan Pro with PaperPort is definitely worth your investment.

We hope this information on mobile printer scanners has been useful to you. We would love to hear from you, as always.

TravelScan Pro

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