Vizio Announces the Price of Its 58-Inch Ultrawidescreen HDTV


There are TVs; and there are HDTVs. And then, there are Ultrawidescreen HDTVs, which are products to simply die for. The CES 2012 saw the introduction of Vizio’s Ultrawidescreen LCD TVs. We were expecting them soon this year. Well, as it turns out, Vizio has now formally announced the price of its 58-inch Ultrawidescreen HDTV. Hence, we expect that it should enter the market in the very near future.

It may occur to some of you tht Vizio’s entire introduction process is a throwback on its first Theater 3D TV, which was introduced last year. Anyways, this new electronic device, featuring in the XVT 3D CinemaWide line of Vizio TVs, is surprisingly reasonably priced, starting at $3,499. We are just wondering how it could fit into our modern-day, tiny little rooms, though! This one would surely need an impressive room to house it.

We have been told that 50 and 71-inch TVs could also be expected to be released soon. This current 58-inch beauty comes with a 120Hz Edge LED screen, 21:9 aspect ratio and 2560×1080 resolution. Other features include Blu-ray, support for Yahoo! Widgets and much more.

The built-in Wi-Fi feature lets you access the Internet. You have a great variety of apps to choose from, which helps you to multitask effortlessly, from one single screen.

We are sure that many among you would be very keen to lay your hands on this very desirable gadget. Right now, there is no information on when and where this product will first be introduced. We will let you know when we come to know details about the same.

Source: Engadget

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