Working of TiVo iPhone app with TiVo HD, Series 3 DVRs


The most famous TiVo iPad app was released last year. It is among the strongest app for controlling the TiVo Premier. Previously only TiVo iPad work with TiVo HD but now the new researches says that both iPhone and iPad can work with TiVo HD. But still now it is unable to support all the features.

Functioning of TiVo iPhone app with TiVo HD

The functionality like schedule manager, searching content on world wide web, services of broadband and program guide are enjoyed by the people who were the first users of it. The app’s guide, remote control, features of explorer, scheduling and search are used by the users of TiVo 3rd series, HD and also by the users of HD XL DVR. Apart from this these people are still unable to enjoy features like playback, current function performed in the gadget, record management and many more.

Benefit of TiVo iPhone app

With the latest release of this app it becomes compatible with iPhone. Also the functioning of TiVo is much faster than the functionality of Television. You can do scrolling, browsing, searching with the help of this app. Combination of TiVo iPhone with TiVo HD, Series 3 DVRs also provide lots of benefit to the users of iPhone and iPad gadgets.


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