3D Sony Vaio Releasing Next Year


Sony Vaio 3D

Sony has always came up with latest technologies. Sony announced lately that it will be coming up with at least one laptop with 3D 240Hz LCD next year.

3D Laptop is definitely a new idea and it might turn out to be a big big success in the near future.  So, we can expect a 3D laptop from Sony next year. Besides Sony, there are many other companies which might come up with a 3D laptop too.

But the fact is that, we don’t have any idea about the cost. We don’t know if the expensive 3D glasses will be included in the cost of the laptop or not, but if they are not included then users will surely give another thought to the idea of buying a 3D laptop.

Lets just wait and watch for the release of 3D Laptops, they will surely bring a drastic change to the world of technology. For more news about gadgets, keep reading the New Gadget blog.

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