Acer launches new Touchscreen Chromebook C720P with a Price Tag of $299.99


Chromebook C720PThis new Chromebook from Acer will have touch screen, apart from 11.6 inches display screen. The model number of this new Chromebook is C720P. The model prior to this gadget was C720. It did not have touchscreen and is available for $249 as of now. Effectively, buyer would be paying merely $41 more for the touchscreen advantage apart from other new features and specifications incorporated in this new Chromebook.


Like any other touch screen, the 1366×768 display of this Chromebook can be tapped, pinched, or swiped. The display is high definition display. A HD web camera, dual speakers, HDMI ports and USB ports, i.e., USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 are included in its external features. The Wi Fi connectivity in these gadgets is 802.11a/b/g/n. The weight of this device is merely 2.98 pounds.


Internally, C720P is equipped with DDR3 memory of 2GB, apart from 32GB SSD and 2955U Intel Celeron Processor. This processor and solid state drive reduce booting time of C720P to 7 seconds or even fewer.

There are no two opinions about the selling price; it is well thought out, considering the launch time. Features and specifications of this product are also very attractive such as longer lasting battery life. The model is likely to eclipse many other Chromebook models.

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