Acer Replaced Hard Disk Drive with Solid State Drive in its latest Chromebook


Acer Chromebook C720Acer has come up with its latest chromebook, costing $200. And now this chromebook is sporting 16 GB solid state drive in place of hard disk drive. Last year there were rumors that this $200 chromebook would have 320 GB hard disk. Solid state drive is a much better option as it is quite faster and dependable.

Well, this 16 GB storage is quite enough for Chrome operating system and it you are using the chromebook as a supportive device then I think 16 GB is quite enough space. But, you may run in storage shortage if you are using as the primary device. These chromebooks are perfect for web browsing purpose and while considering the price they are much better than their windows counterparts.

And yes, having a low space solid state drive makes this chromebook lighter and thinner as compared to other options with hard disk drives. It weighs just 2.76 pounds and thickness is only 0.75 inch.

The specifications                     

In terms of specifications this $200 chromebook is quite similar with $250 Acer chromebook, announced last month. It offers almost 9 hrs of batter backup and comes with Intel Celeron along with 2 USB slots, one HDMI slot, and one SD card port. Even the model numbers are the same – C720. Where the difference lies is RAM, this new model has 2 GB of RAM.

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