Acer Reveals What to Expect from Aspire Switch 12 in 2015


Aspire Switch 12Acer introduced its Aspire Switch 12 in a small way, but the device is expected to hit Canada’s and the US’ markets in the early part of 2015. It is hard to confine such convertible gadgets in any category because they can be used in multiple ways. For now, though this five-in-one variety is classified as notebook.


Its features include a display that is full HD.  This 1080 p display is approximately 12.5 inches in size. Its keyboard is detachable. It can function as desktop as well as notebook. It can also be used as a mere display or as pad or tent. Corning’s Gorilla Glass protects this display from scratches. An anti-fingerprint coating ensures clear images at all times. The bonding in this device has Zero Air Gap because of which the images are wider, angles clearer, and details more explicit.


Internally, the device has the Intel’s Core M processor. The battery installed in the device offers 8 hours run time. There are two front speakers. There are ports in these devices, i.e., micro USB 3.0 and micro HDMI. There is no fan. These gadgets come with dual antennas and would be available in both 60 GB as well as 120GB versions. Dual antennas are the other features worth mentioning.

Though the company has been silent about many specifications, it is a foregone conclusion that the device would have the most sophisticated software tools as well as hardware additions. But will its price be sufficiently attractive to prompt buyers to defer their plans to purchase such notebook remains to be seen. For now, of course, the device does seem to be one of the best around, especially with Acer Active Pen, which is options stylus that allows people to write.

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