ACER to Launch 2 Highly Durable Chromebooks for Students


Acer C910 ChromebookAcer is promising just what the doctor ordered for students who are careless with their devices. After all, these gadgets do not come cheap. But there is more to these gadgets apart from the hardware. The two Chromebooks are identified as Acer’s C740 and C910. By the way, C740 is 11.6 inches Chromebook, and the C910 is a 15.6 inches Chromebook.


C910 weighs about 2.2 kg. It is marginally less than an inch, i.e., 0.95” in thickness.  In contrast, the C740 weighs just about 1.3 kgs., and is only 0.79 inch thick. Processor in both of these Acer Chromebooks may be either Intel’s Celeron 3205U or Core i3-5005U. In the C710, students have a choice between 2GB and 4GB DDR3 memory.  In the C910, they do not have lower memory option, i.e., DDR3 memory is 4GB.

However, there is a choice of screens in C910. The TN Panel may have a resolution of 1366 x 768 like C740 or student may opt for IPS panel that is full HD. In addition to the screen, there is a choice of memory sizes as well in C910. Students can choose for SSD memory of 16GB or 32GB. In C740, student gets only 16 GB SSD memory. The battery usage is another factor that the two devices differ in. On a full charge, the C910 can run for 8 hours, but the C740 may run an hour longer. These devices come with Chrome OS.

Durability Factor

What contributes to the durability of these devices is the thicker plastic that is used to make them. Acer has even worked on the hinges. While features and specifications are nothing to write home about, there is no denying that these devices would be more durable. Since such devices last for long and can be used for more than a couple of years, parents would not mind parting with slightly higher price. It would, however, have been nice if Acer had included some identification feature since these devices may get exchanged or may even be misplaced.

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