Apple 12 inch MacBook Air – a Fanless Version is Prepped by the Company


Apple 12 inch MacBook Air - Fanless VersionMacBook is getting refreshed soon. The current MacBook versions came in 11.6 and 13.3 inch sizes. The last time when Apple redesigned its ultraportable laptops was in 2010, when it introduced a chassis for the 11.6 MacBook Air.

The Redesign

What is the new MacBook Air of 12 inch, bound to bring for the users? The rumor from an online post lists out the following modifications. All the iOS devices from Apple have a fan assembly, which is not present in the drastically redesigned MacBook Air of 12 inch, resembling the Windows and Android OS devices. Other thing that is not present is the mechanical button in the track pad. Another spec rumored is the retina glass display. A form factor that is ultra slim clamshell is also rumored to be present.


The date of availability is not clearly known, but the post says as 2014. Also, an update on the MacBook Pro series is also hinted in a time of another year.  It seems that Apple is now busy working with iWatch; however its launch is not expected sometime soon. This rumor is also following the forecast of last October saying that the 12” inch MacBook Air gadget will be soon arriving in the market.

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