Apple has Started Accepting Pre-orders for its MacBook


Apple MacbookApple’s gadgets are constantly in the news nowadays, thanks to iPhone 6 plus, and smartwatch. Apple is continuing the trend with its Apple MachBook, the bookings of which are being accepted as of now. Apple already has these pre-orders which will be cleared in June or so. But there is the difference in shipping of these devices based on the models. The first of these MacBooks will arrive towards April 24, 2015.

Apple MacBook Models

Apple is introducing 38 mm and 42 mm MacBooks. Of these, the 32mm MacBook is sports model. There is a retina-screened model as well. This model may cost anywhere between $1,299 and $1,599. Apple is also introducing a gold plated MacBook. There are yellow and rose gold variants even in this. In addition, there is the space gray option. For now, the feature that is known is on the monitor of the device. This would be 12 inches.

Ordering the Device

The selected device can be ordered from Apple’s online stores. In fact, the company is directing the buyers of lower models to its online store.

There is more of goodwill than worth in Apple’s pricing. People are still ordering the device. However, Apple has made a blunder by launching Apple MacBook simultaneously with Apple Smartwatch.  One of the two products would, therefore, fail.

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