Apple Launches “Back to School” Promotion


A shift from iPod to gift coupons

Apple now offers a new gift for all the students who purchase its Macbooks. While the company was offering a free iPod in the past, it is now offering a $100 gift coupon that can be used to purchase products in Apple app stores. It can also be used to purchase apps on iTunes store, iBookStore and app store on Mac. The offer will be valid for people who purchase iMac desktops, MacBook Pro laptops and MacBook Air. Naturally, terms and conditions apply. Over the years, Apple has offered different offers for students. The company started out with an iPod Mini, it later shifted to iPod Nano and then iPod Touch. This year’s offer has come as a surprise as Apple has shifted from offering iPods to gift coupon for the first time.

Many students disappointed with the offer

The $100 gift coupon, according to many, is a reduction of free offer since iPods that were offered free were priced at $200. The promotional offer will last through September. It will be offered only if the user is a student. If students choose to buy qualifying Mac, which can be obtained with education discounts, gift coupons will be automatically offered. However, this year’s offer has left many buyers disappointed.

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