Apple New Air MacBook Air Series Coming to Launch Next Week


Macbook AirApple new MacBook Air may reach the market next week. This is a rumor from the Macgeneration blog, from France. The Air MacBook in the market now has been launched in 2013. Here is what you can expect from the new MacBook Air.

What is in Store?

The new MacBook Air gadgets will have a better speed compared with the modern gadgets. The latest laptops have Haswell processor from Intel; PCI Express based storage, and Wi-Fi. The new laptops have a few changes and required to have a new processor. While there were rumors stating that the new laptops may have a retinal display, as the Cupertino Company did with the MacBook Pro series, the new report from the MacGeneration has no details on the same.

When is it expected?

Though the rumors say the launch may be in the next week, the WWDC is scheduled June 2014, and for sure some info on the Apple gadgets can be heard. Also, the iOS 8 mobile is expected during the same event. The retina screen models will not be coming in the next week; however, they are scheduled in the upcoming WWDC. Many fans have been waiting for the retina screen models, and they would be happy to see these unveiled in WWDC.

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