Intel i5 hyper drive for Apple’s MacBook


Apple will have a high performance power plant for its MacBook which will replace the old plodding one. With Intel’s i5 under the hood speed will be added to a number of MacBook applications.

Improved Performance

The i5-2467M (11.6 inch model) and i5-2557M (13.3 inch model) processors will replace the old Core 2 Duo enhancing the functionality and performance of the gadget. Also there is an option for the Core i7 for adding $100 to the total cost but high processor definitely lead to greater performance balancing the additional cost.

Most Powerful Processor

The results of the initial tests performed over these two MBA models show remarkable gains over various applications including iTunes, Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Multimedia Multitasking. The Intel’s current most powerful processors will now empower the Apple’s MacBook with HD Graphics 3000 also added to the chip by the company. Besides the achievements, no RAM upgradation will be possible which is not lucky for the users who are willing to have more memory as stated by the iFixit.

But as far as performance and speed is concerned, new Intel processors will surely add up all the power to the latest MAB models of the Apple.





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