New MacBook Air on the shelves soon, possibly next month


There is new news buzzing in the market. If someone will analyze the signs it will reveal that Apple may be planning to launch a new improved device, MacBook Air by the coming month.

What are the indications of getting refresh product?

AppleInsider has lately informed that the popular Air, which is a stolid 13.3 inch gadget, running on 1.8Ghz processor and 256 GB RAM is completely put of stock from prominent retailers like MacConnection. At Best Buy even if it shows that the stocks are available yet AppleInsider states a “reseller” status. The decreasing stock on the Apple outlet shelves definitely hints at the arrival of new stocks.

What can we expect from the next Air?

On board,  the improved graphics is expected as it will be equipped with a Haswell chip. In early June, this processor will make its debut then it will make its way in MBA  Moreover, a Retina Display will be there or not it is not certain. As such we have very sleek dimensions on the present MacBook Pro- with .75-inch thickness and we can expect an equally sleek design on the coming model.$

Maybe Apple will surprise its consumers with some high-resolution technology for display and the price of the gadget is not yet revealed!

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