Now Cheaper 2013 Apple MacBook Air Notebooks with Advanced features and Long Battery Life


Even though the Apple MacBook Air is costly yet this year the prices had been reduced as compared to last year. The buyers have to pay enormously, but definitely the specs, especially of the 11 inch Apple Notebook has changed for extra storage.

The specs of the 11-inch device

The 11inch MacBook Air has various models. Pertaining to memory capability there are the 128GB model and the 64GB old model. The 128 GB model is priced at $999. Other variations are pertaining to the hardware. The Haswell Fourth-gen Dual-core 1.3 GHZ with Intel i5 processor of 1.3GHz with 4GB RAM is close to the basic price. But for the additional locker room to 256GB or 512GB coupled with 8GB or RAM and Intel Core i7 processor of 1.7GHz , you will have to pay $1199 and more.

The specs of the 13-inch device

The 13-inch MacBook Air is priced at $1099 for the basic. It has 128GB of storage and runs on Intel Dual core 1.3GHz processor. The upgraded model of the same device, priced at $1299 runs on a 1.7GHz Intel Core Processor.

For those who want flexible payment plans, the company is offering 18 months, 12 months and 6 month payment schemes.

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