ASUS ROG G79VW First Notebook with 802.11ac


Right now, people might be familiar with the Wi-Fi version 802.11n. With a dual-band configuration, it can get quite fast especially in a single house environment. However, like any other things in the world, people simply cannot be contempt of the speeds that are currently available as they will be wishing for more. That is why the Wi-Fi speed of the ASUS ROG G79VW is tremendously fast.

The ROG notebooks are designed for speed and with the specs being one of the best in the market, the only thing that is left to be tweaked is the Wi-Fi speed. Because of this, the ASUS ROG G79VW is the first notebook in the world to have the newest and fastest Wi-Fi network supported which is the 802.11ac. This is much faster than the current 802.11n as the speed that it can get is up to 900Mbps. The modem on which it uses is the Broadcom 802.11ac.

In addition to this, some other things that are worth mentioning about the G79VW is that it will be equipped with an Ivy Bridge i7 processor with the NVIDIA GTX 670M as its graphics card. The screen on the other hand is a massive 17.3-inch LCD and this makes it a very powerful beast as well.

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