At Less Than $300, Dell Chromebook 11 is a Good Deal


Chromebook 11 NotebookThere are few takers for PCs, thanks to a barrage of tablets and smartphones in the market. This leaves Dell with little choice but to come up with laptops that are for targeted market, more precisely, teachers and students. Dell Chromebook 11 is the latest laptop to be introduced by this Texas based gadgets company. Dell reckons that, with price on the right side of $300 from the buyer’s perspective, it will be able to pull some buyers backs who are looking to buy a lower end smartphone or tablet.


The number “11” in its name represents the size of the screen. Therefore, Dell Chromebook has a screen of 11 inches, more precisely 11.6 inch screen.  Its 1366 by 768 resolution display is powered by Intel’s HD Graphics will. This Chromebook can work for 10 hours on one charge.


The processor in this Chromebook from Dell is Intel’s 4th generation Celeron 2955U. Buyer has a choice in RAM sizes. Therefore, people can choose to buy Dell’s Chromebook of 2 or 4GB depending on their requirements. The drive integrated in this product is a solid state drive of 16 GB.


Though a tad late, the shift to Chromebook will help Dell’s sagging sales figures. Chromebooks are essentially for people with lower budgets.

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