Blade Laptops Series Unleashed by Razer


Hot news is that the Razer throws the gloves to Apple with the new 14-inch laptop sleeker than Macbook Air. With the Computex event, just a few days off, and the Haswell officially launched in the market, the surge of emerging laptops is seen. To add some more cream Nvidia has officially announced that the GTX 700M GPU series is going to arrive soon. Razer is also demanding its own share of attention with the latest gaming Blade Laptops running on Nvidia GPU and fourth gen Intel processor.

Date of the first emergence

The first emergence of the Razer Blade notebook was in August 2011. But back then it was a 17.3 inch gadget for usual gamers. But today they have announced the 14 inches who is soon to come to the market.

The new device

The new 14inches device can be ranked as the thinnest gaming laptop in the world. It is merely 0.66 inches thin and 0.2 inches thinner than the Macbook Air. It is power packed device that has a Haswell chip, Intel GeForce GTX GPU and solid drives that facilitates speed.

The screen is 1600x900p HD, and the battery life is 6 hours. So avid gamers rejoice for the new Razer Blade is here!

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