Chromebooks Rebirth with Integration of Chrome OS and Google Drive


Chromebooks are going to be refreshed as Google is planning to integrate Google Drive with tying up of cloud storage service into the ultraportable that are Chrome OS based. Chrome chief Pichai told that the online drive will be a default local drive option available on the chromebooks. This is an extremely reasonable effort of blending the internet storage space with the local system.

Chromebooks now more powerful

Pichai said that with the integration of Google Drive Chromebooks will become more powerful as it would emerge normally. Moreover, it will also serve as a local drive. Google is focusing on the Chrome operating system as it is relatively easy to use, and PC owners and students who want a hassle free Windows or Mac system also like it to the most.

More about Integration of Google drive 

Furthermore, Scott Johnson, Google Drive project manager says, “We are going to integrate Google Drive into the Chrome Operating System’s native file systems. The core operating system’s functionality will help in storing data, in the gadgets.”

More attention to Chrome is given by the Google as it is shown in recently updated Aura interface. The news are also coming that Google is also preparing it to run on the ARM based processors which could likely to reduce the prices of Chromebooks.

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