Eurocom Scorpius laptop with dual GTX 680M


Eurocom seriously means business when they released the Scorpius laptop because this is such a powerhouse that its capability even beats some of the mainstream desktops today. It is a 17-inch laptop and like most 17-inch laptop, it means business and in the case of the Eurocom Scorpius, it definitely is serious business.

Right now, the Eurocom Scorpius comes with four DDR3 slot with a maximum of 32GB worth of memory. If that doesn’t satisfy your thirst for performance, wait till you get to the video card because this behemoth is capable of having two units of the NVIDIA GTX 680M. The combination of the two means that you’ll be getting a graphics memory of 4GB. In some cases, this is even more memory than some of the laptops that you see today. If you find that you are more of an ATI fan, you can still put in two AMD Radeon HD 7970M graphics card with a CrossFireX configuration.

As usual, there are a lot of processors that you can choose from with the 2.9GHz quad-core i7 as the best option. The lowest price that you can get for the Eurocom Scorpius is at $1,793 although if you want the dual GTX 680M configuration, that will set you back for about $2,857. Suffice to say that this isn’t a laptop for everyone.

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