Fujitsu will present a smartphone with Tegra 3 at MWC 2012


Fujitsu is a major player in the Smartphone market in Japan, but we cannot talk about his presence in the same area from the old continent. Fujitsu laptops are manufactured and can be found in Europe. But the phones cannot be found here. The manufacturer wants to change that and attack with Panasonic the European phone market. The entry will be in force, with a new terminal powered by Tegra 3 chipset.

MWC 2012 Fair will begin soon, and Fujitsu will display on this occasion the phone. As usual, the model will have top specifications, the mainstream and entry level ones will be presented later. The Smartphone has a screen of 4.6″, making it a competitor to Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The camera will have a resolution of 13.1 megapixels, which does not guarantee the quality of better pictures.

In Japan, the waterproof Smartphones are popular, so Fujitsu terminal will have this feature. Besides water, it will also block the entry of dust. Another feature less common in Europe is the fingerprint reader, it provides an additional level of security for the user. Its operating system is Android 4.0. We hope that we can show pictures and video clips from Fujitsu Smartphone next week.

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