Gigabyte P2542G Gaming Laptop


It seems that a lot of companies today are delving into the gaming industry and Gigabyte is one of them. Previously, they have created a lot of great products but never a complete system. If it would be a desktop system, then we would understand as they are a maker of a lot of peripherals. However, it seems that the company has put it up a notch as they have released their gaming laptop which is the P2542G.

The Gigabyte P2542G gaming laptop is a powerful one and it comes with all of the bits and pieces that you would expect from a gaming computer. First and foremost, the computer comes with a 15.6” screen at a full HD resolution. In addition to that, there is also the Intel Core i7-3610QM processor and the NVIDIA GTX 660M graphics card to power the best. The combination of these two would mean a very powerful computer. There is also a blu-ray drive, a 128GB SSD and many more.

This gaming laptop definitely looks sleek with its yellow color as well as the exhaust vents. The United Kingdom will be the first place to get this device at a price tag of £1,300. There has yet to be any news on a US release.

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