Google Chrome Book Release Date: June 15th


The Google Chrome Book is making headlines with it’s simplicity. This may be the first desktop with a legitimate offering to replace Microsoft’s stronghold on schools, business, and enterprise computing. The Chrome Book loads directly into a web browser. The days of the desktop, as Google believes, is numbered.

From Wired Magazine:

“With kids, they flip the lid and they are online,” Wente-Chany said. “They don’t spend eight minutes booting up and authenticating with the network,” which she described as a waste of classroom time.

The Google Chrome Book is to be released on June 15th.

I did have a personal chance to play with the Google Beta version of the Chrome Book. It was very basic, which took some time getting used to. I had some concerns, such as being able to use it properly in cases where internet streaming wasn’t an option, or be able to go off-line with it to read documents on a plane. But, admittedly, that probably isn’t a goal for the users of the Chrome Book. It targets a very specific audience, one that I am not currently a part of. But for classrooms, I can see it as being particularly effective.

What do you think of the Chrome Book and the impact it will have with students, and all other consumers?

[via Wired]

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  1. fazdirect says:

    i think, this will be a good part for the students with 2Gb of memory.
    unfortunately, this only equiped with 16Gb mSATA drive

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  2. Alex says:

    I can’t wait for mine. I have it on pre-order with Amazon. 2gb of ram is plenty for browsing the internet. 16gb hard drive is plenty as you will store most stuff in the cloud. It has a memory card input also, so you could add 64gb if needed.

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