Google Pixel C Reveled with Convertible Laptop Features


Google Plixel CRecently Chromebook team has just announced a Pixel C Android tablet. This is not just an android tablet but is a premium device that can be seen after looking into its price. You can get this convertible laptop at the price of $499 and keyboard with the extra cost of $149.

About Pixel C

Pixel C is a 10.2 inch Android tablet that has an option of keyboard attachment and it is no more running on the Chrome OS. The Chrome OS is not the part of this tablet but still the design and quality features are innate. The aspect ratio of Pixel C is 1:1: 414 which will fit into the multiwindow mode. Earlier in Android M the multiwindow mode was quite irritating and buggy but here the hardware is made specifically for it.

Pixel C Keyboard

The most enthralling part of this android gadgetis the keyboard accessory. The keyboard gets attached to the tablet with the powerful magnets that make a neat rectangle after aligning with the tablet. However, if you want, you can stick the keyboard to the back of the device which will expose the screen completely. The hinge of the keyboard can rotate from 100 degrees to 180 degrees to make it completely flat.

The keyboard attachment option makes it usable like a tiny laptop, and most of the Android lovers will like this feature. The pricing for the non-US and the UK are still to be revealed.

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