GScreen SpaceBook – a new laptop with two 17.3″ screens


This laptop will not sell in large volumes ever, but I know people who would preorder it right now. If you ask what you can do with these two 17.3″ screens with full HD resolution, then you are part of the audience. Many users are often put in a position to have multiple applications open simultaneously. If I have an office document open and I take information from the Internet to insert it into the document, it’s not quite nice to go between office and the browser application with Alt + Tab.

And now enters GScreen SpaceBook, a laptop that you can already preorder. Its horizontal sliding screens display 1920×1080 pixels each. On the hardware part, we have enough performance components. The manufacturer chose the previous generation of Core processors, but the Core i5-560M and Core i7-740M are models that will not let you down. It has 4 GB or 8 GB RAM, these two configurations receive the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M, a 500 GB HDD and a DVD burner.

The price of such a laptop, not quite portable, starts at $2.395 and reaches $2.795 for the model with the Intel Core i7 processor. I am sure that the weight of 4.5 kg will be a minor inconvenience for those interested.

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