Intel and Google Announce New Haswell-Powered Chrome books


Intel Haswell ChromebookThis week Google and Intel announced their new Chrome book which functions on a cloud friendly Operating System of Google. This new device is manufactured by lots of laptops and PC manufacturers and it will be available in the market at the end of this year.

This new Chrome book will be featured with

  1. Intel’s Haswell processor. For this Google claims that it will result in enhanced performance
  2. Its battery life is also modified up to 2 times. Most of its manufacturers are rating its battery life for about 9 hours.

Toshiba, HP and Acer are also releasing their updated Chrome book which will be equipped with Haswell CPUs. They will be based on new designs.

ASUS is also joining Chrome book group with its mini desktop PCs that will run on Chrome Operating System. They also require a TV or monitor for its output.

Acer will launch a laptop of 11.6” which will be weight around 2.76 pounds and is about 0.75” thick. HP is planning to attract its buyers by a huge display and long battery life with its 4.08 pounds and 0.81” thick Chrome book. Toshiba will also launch a laptop but its specifications are not reveled yet. Exact price is still hidden but they will be under $300.

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