Intel Android Notebooks- smartphone injected with tablet features at $200 coming soon


We are seeing a slow extinction of desktops, and the destiny of the laptops seems bleak also. The reason is that the smartphones powered with Laptop and tablet features have made it more convenient to carry and use it.

The Android Notebooks from Intel

The product will be priced at $200 and will be on Intel chips. The CEO of Intel-Paul Otellini has confirmed that this smartphone gadget will be running on Android OS. Sometime back Google established the fact that Google’s smartphone OS was good on smartphones and tablets.  It is rather logical that Intel will try it also!

Google, Asus also working on the same idea

The merging of top positions in Google Chrome is, in fact, pointing to some other changes- the merging of Chrome with android OS. In fact, the Pixel requisition may vouch for it! Asus too is planning for a similar Padfone but as yet as not been able to shelf it. But both of these companies haven’t yet announced something definite.

Even though, the time line has not been specified, the product will definitely hit the market by the second half of 2013.

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