Intel Ivy Bridge Processor to Feature in the New Apple Computers


The next generation iMacs and Macbooks will feature a host of new additions that include using the new breed of Intel processors called ‘Ivy Bridge’. Other revelations may include an ultra thin design and retina displays. These rumors have surfaced in the benchmarks for iMacs and Macbook Pro posted in GeekBench.

New Apple Gadgets as Per GeekBench 

According to Cult of Mac in GeekBench, the iMac gadgets will be a 27 inch desktop featuring a 3.4 GHz quad core Intel i7 3770. The iMac 13.2 is ranked higher while similar iMac using Intel Sandy Bridge processor is ranked lower in the benchmarks posted. A 13-inch model of the Macbook Pro is also ranked in the benchmarks, which run on a 2.7 GHz Intel i7 3820QM CPU. Also in the line is a slimmer Macbook Air type variant of the Macbook Pro with no optical drive.

Ivy Bridge Benchmarks

The much-heralded Ivy Bridge series of Intel processors are touted to be a giant step in low power consuming processor with improved performance. The Intel integrated graphics HD 4000 is expected to bring about at least a 20 percent improvement in graphics compared to its predecessor the HD 3000.

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