Is Google Planning for a Chromebook having Touch Facility?


Google Chromebook is enough popular among the gadget lovers as it offers great networking options to the users. Now, perhaps Google is working for a Touch Chromebook by the starting of 2013. You may have this chromebook soon in your hands.

The news is first introduced by a local newspaper in Taiwan. Digitimes, a gadget blog quotes this news that the search engine giant may unveil this 12.85 inches laptop very soon. However, there is no other information available on the topic regardless of its being a touch enabled Chromebook.

Well, Chromebook is not an expensive gadget and along with the touch facility we don’t expect some noticeable changes in it.

The operating system, Google Chrome OS, on which this chromebook runs already, has the capability of the keyboard which supports touch panel. Therefore, it won’t be so tough for Google to improve the Chromebook with touchpanel service. Google has already tried it successfully with its mobile operating system, Android.

During some last months, we have seen two variations of Chromebook; one from Acer and second one from Samsung. But the third one, having touch facility, may be a different one.

Actually, touch panel is in trends now after the gadgets from Apple and Microsoft included it in their devices.

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