Lenovo Flex 2 New Laptops Soon to Arrive


Lenovo Flex 2Lenovo has lately divulged that two mode gadgets will be joining their existing line of laptops Flex 2. They will come in two different dimensions- the first with a 14inch display and the other with a 15.6 inch display even though they will be running on the same internal hardware.

The Uniqueness

The Flex 2, as the name implies is flexible, that it can be rotated around an axis for 300 degrees which makes it quiet like a tablet. Added to this the Windows 8.1 and touchscreen makes it even more akin to a tablet. So the keyboard or the screen can be in front anytime.

Other Attractions

Some of the other specifications include Dolby Advanced Audio, digital dual microphones, 720p HD Webcam, 1TB storage on hard drive, hybrid SSHD and a choice to choose from either -an Intel Core i7 or NVIDIA GeForce GPU. Gadget users will be glad to see that the device is available in two configurations and five different colors. Users can also make a choice between the various Intel processors with the option of Haswell i7 too.

It has been tagged at $429 and by June you can have your hands on it.

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