Lenovo Launched its Android Laptop A10 for Around $249


Lenovo A10 Android LaptopLenovo, the market leader in PCs, introduced the A10 Android laptop, even as sales across all PC models are witnessing a rapid decline. The gadgets market, however, became aware of the specifications of this new laptop, thanks to unintentional leaks. The A10 Android laptop will be sold in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa for $249, which is a very reasonable price. As of now, however, Lenovo has no plans to introduce this product in North American markets.


The new Android laptop from Lenovo would have a HD display of 10.1 inches. There is a customized Android OS integrated in this system, which are related to its status bar, task bar, and applications launcher. These Lenovo customized alterations will give users an easier access to desktop as well as applications library. Apart from these changes, A10 Android convertible laptop will include a new managing tool. This will make the task of managing and locating any music, video, or other documents easier. Physical keyboard exists alongside the multi-touch display. A ‘stand’ mode has been included so that the user can use any entertainment and other applications that are developed primarily for touch screens. Improvement in stereos will also enhance the experience with streaming from Netflix and Spotify.  The 0.3 megapixel webcam, however, is a disappointment in comparison to other features.


The processing speed of Lenovo’s A10 Android laptop will be 1.6GHz.  This A10 Android PC will have an internal memory limited to 2 GB while its storage capacity would be 32 GB. Video Playback of almost 9 hours is feasible because of the Cortex-A9 quad-core processor in this laptop.

The world has moved on to Tablets and phablets, and many of them have reasonably large display screens with high resolutions. The price is the only factor that favors Lenovo’s this laptop.

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