Lenovo Launches ThinkPad 50 and ThinkPad 70


Lenovo ThinkPad 50Lenovo has introduced two new products under its ThinkPad product line, i.e., ThinkPad50, and ThinkPad70. Both these mobile workstations or laptops were introduced on Monday, i.e., August, 10, 2015. The two products, however, differ considerably from their predecessor.


The new devices would have a new processor, i.e., Intel Xeon Processor (E3-1500M v5) in them. Therefore, these devices will be much faster than the previous ThinkPad. In addition to this processor, the two devices would come with X-rite Pantone (color calibration).  This color calibration will ensure that the colors on the device’s screen remain the same. For superior graphics, Lenovo has added Nvidia Quadro (GPUs). A cooling system called flex performance is another addition to these ThinkPad products.


Thinkpad70 has a 17” screen.  This display is 4K UHD. The memory in this device is 64 GB (DDR4 ECC). The device can store terabytes of information in SSD storage.  Also, it is capable of supporting four storage gadgets. The device includes ports for Intel Thunderbolt 3.The memory, as well as storage in these gadgets, is maximum in any mobile workstation. The device comes with optical DVD “read and write” drive, but this is optional. As of now, this device would be sold at $1,999.

Thinkpad50 has a 15.6” UHD display which is 4K. This is incredibly thin and light mobile workstation that is fully functional. This device does not have an option for an optical drive. All other specifications are similar to Thinkpad70. However, this device has only one port for Intel Thunderbolt 3. The product will be sold for $1,599.


Both products will arrive on the market in 2015’s last quarter. New features and specifications are interesting, but the market already has many laptops. Moreover, laptops are giving way to more sophisticated handheld devices. In the light of these facts, these devices will create curiosity, but will soon find going to be tough.

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